• 12th December 2013
    • Big Update -1082 Beers Listed
    • New Theme – Trying WordPress 3.8 “Twenty Fourteen” Theme
    • Removed all Brewery Tags, but Percentage/ABV remain
    • Removed all Categories, with everything under default “Ales” category
  • 1st January 2013
    • 685 Beers now Listed
    • 2012 = 427 New Beers
    • 2011 = 243 New Beers
    • 2010 = 19 New Beers (also some prior to 2010)
  • 24th February 2012
    • Big update, and I’m over 300 beers, it’s now at 306.
    • Finally think I’ve figured out mobile posting (so long as I don’t forget my mobile. It’s only a minor edit once back at PC to convert post to how I like them.
    • I’m getting better at taking photos (again, when I don’t forget mobile)
  • 19th August 2011
    • Now at 180 beers. Friend told me following poem.
      • There are several good reasons for drinking,
      • One has just entered my head,
      • Its easy to drink whrn ur living,
      • But how the Fuck do u drink when your dead
  • 7th July 2011
    • I’ve removed 4 beers from list. 1 was off, & 3 are undrunk as sister gave then to me on condition she could share. Due to her health, this hasn’t happened. Hopefully I can get these re-added soon.

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