What this site about??

This site came about from a personal idea to start cataloging the beers I drink, & to try lots of different new ones. It started about 3rd September 2010, although a few were I had photos of before list started.


  • Only beers, lagers, ales and ciders.
  • I must finish the whole bottle or glass
    • Glasses must be:-
      • 1 Pint
      • 1/2 Pint
      • 1/3 Pint
      • or Smaller if that’s all beer is served in, usually as a Strong beer
    • Also allowed are glasses offered to me in odd levels
  • I must have a photo of the pumpclip, bottle, glass or barrel label that I’ve taken
    • Sometimes because of this the photos are of poor quality, but  do my best where possible.

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